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Name Code Hacker(s)
20 Lives ZAXKZZPA Galoob
30 Lives LAXKZZPA Galoob
Infinite Lives SXXELOVK Galoob
20 Nuclear Fuel Units ZAXKYZPA Galoob
30 Nuclear Fuel Units LAXKYZPA Galoob
Quicker Shots PEKASEPO Galoob
Keep Shots GZKAKGSA Galoob
Infinite Fuel GZEEPZST
Start With 7? (The 2nd Item Over From Your Lives) YAXKGZPA gedowski
Start With Most And A Lot of Items IAXGAZAA gedowski
Starting Location Modifier 1 AOSKLOYA gedowski
Start With 9 Trophies, And 9 of Each Item To The Right of The Trophies PEUKIPAE gedowski
Infinite Keys On Pickup 2 SXEEAXSE DocLathropBrown
Infinite Time In Puzzle Rooms SZUUUVVK DocLathropBrown

# Note
1 Just change the 1st,2nd, and 8th letter of the code to start at different places
2 Note: This only works for the keys in the ones column of the key meter.

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