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Name Code Hacker(s)
2 Lives PEXVAALA Galoob
7 Lives TEXVAALA Galoob
10 Lives PEXVAALE Galoob
Infinite Lives SXNLOKVK Galoob
Infinite Energy SZUIGEVK Galoob
Reversible Skateboard AENZTPAZ Galoob
Faster Running ALKXAAAZ Galoob
Don't Lose Energy From Hitting Objects AAKSEYZA Galoob
Higher Jump SXSUAOSU
Gain Lives Instead Of Losing Them VVNLOKVK Viper187
Never Lose Power Ups - Slot 1 SUSLKOVS Viper187
Never Lose Power Ups - Slot 2 SLEUEXVS Viper187
Never Lose Power Ups - Slot 3 SLUUKXVS Viper187
Never Lose Power Ups - Slot 4 SLNLEXVS Viper187
Never Lose Power Ups - Slot 5 SUULEXVS Viper187
Keep Items After Dying VTOZAE gedowski
Die To See Ending VTEXYE gedowski
Run Into A Rock Until You Die With All Your Lives And There Will Be A Screen For A Sound Test (But You Can't Access It) SXUIEY gedowski
Start With 290,000 Points, But Freezes NKLSXO gedowski
A Walkthru As Long As You're On The Ground, To Get Items, You'll Have To Jump Over It A Couple Of Times LSXYKI gedowski
Less Enemies AAUNOI gedowski
At The Choose Your Egg Screen, There's Always An Extra Egg To The Left POOPSY gedowski
Enemies, Eggs, And Rocks Are Placed Randomly In The Sky, Has Other Strange Effects TXXZZO Rick (Lickichu)
Eggs And Jumping Enemies Fall Off The Screen When Approached PPISOO Rick (Lickichu)
Everything Is Scrambled (Immediately Fall Off Screen And Die Upon Entering A Stage) EIKGKK Rick (Lickichu)
Debug Mode 1 PPSZXXPE BMF54123
Fight The Boss After You Complete 1st Scene KOLUAX Horacioatlanta@
Debug Mode.yullex: Infinite Axes PITXUZ Horacioatlanta@
Honey Girl Egg Turns Into A Peterdon Icon TOLEXA Horacioatlanta@
Infinite Axes Plus Get A Extra Red Camptosaurus NULLEX Horacioatlanta@

# Note
1 You'll start off in the "Scene Select" mode. This is basically a run-through of some various levels in the game, but I've only noticed that it plays the levels for world 1. Maybe I'm mistaken, I don't really know. You can choose the scene number by pressing left or right. Be careful, as the higher you go, the better the chance of hitting a level that you get stuck at.

Pressing "B" on that screen switches you to the "World Select" mode, which is an alternate version of the level select. It's simple, just select numbers 01-08, and you're off.

Pressing "A" on either of those screens will move the cursor down an option called "DEBUG FL". If it's set on one or higher, it will make you UNKILLABLE!. Enemies don't hurt you, the time running out doesn't kill you, and bottomless pits exhibit a type of "wraparound" effect during gameplay.

Pressing "Select" will bring you to a new menu with some different options in them, as follows:

1. OBJ: This takes you to a mode to view all the game's sprites.
2. CHA: This is a graphics test.
3. SOUND: This is a sound test.
4. ENDING: This takes you directly to the ending.
5. STAFF: Takes you directly to the credits.
6. WARP: Takes you directly to the "Skip one level" secret room.
7. ITEM: Takes you directly to the "Hudson Bee" room, where you get a free continue.
8. ...: Does nothing.

It will also pay to have controller 2 plugged in, as when you have the Debug Mode in the game on, you can do the following:

Select: Game Freeze
Start: Free-Roaming Mode
(Use the control pad to move. The 0 represents you.)
"B" (Controller 2): Change dinosaur Higgins is riding.
"A" (Controller 2): Pallete-Editing mode
(This can only be done in Free-Roaming Mode)

That's it! Enjoy playing the game like a programmer! (Or just at a ridiculously easy difficulty level. ^_^)

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