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Name Code Hacker(s)
1 Life Only AAULNGIA Galoob
Double Lives ZAULNGIE Galoob
Infinite Lives GXXEOPVG Galoob
Infinite Jellybeans AAVKIPPA Galoob
Fast Play SXEEZAAX Galoob
Invincible 1 AVOGAEOZ Galoob
Never Take Damage From Enemies AVOPVGEI Galoob
Gives 10 Orange Jellybeans APEUUIAA Galoob
10 Lime Jellybeans AONUSGAA Galoob
99 Licorice Jellybeans OONLOGZN Galoob
Double Strawberry Jellybeans AUNLUGIP Galoob
Double Cola Jellybeans TUNLNKAP Galoob
Double Cinnamon Jellybeans AKNUOGGX Galoob
Double Apple Jellybeans GXNUUGZP Galoob
Double Vanilla Jellybeans AVNUNGAL Galoob
Double Ketchup Jellybeans ZPELNITA Galoob
Triple Coconut Jellybeans AONLSGTE Galoob
Triple Rootbeer Jellybeans APELUITE Galoob
10 Vitamin A For Vita-Blaster APEUSIAA Galoob
10 Vitamin B For Vita-Blaster APEUNIAA Galoob
10 Vitamin C For Vita-Blaster APOLOIAA Galoob
Gives 101 Of All Starting Jellybeans SZXLXKSU
Start With Many Lives YYULNGIA Strato
Start With 77 Orange Jelly Beans YYEUUIAA Strato
Start With A Lot Of Licorice Jellybeans 2 NNNLOGZN Strato
Start With A Lot Of Strawberry Jellybeans NNNLUGIP Strato
Start With A Lot Of Cola Jellybeans NNNLNKAP Strato
Start With A Lot Of Cinnamon Jellybeans NNNUOGGX Strato
Start With A Lot Of Apple Jellybeans NNNUUGZP Strato
Start With A Lot Of Vanilla Jellybeans NNNUNGAL Strato
Start With A Lot Of Ketchup Jellybeans NNELNITA Strato
Start With A Lot Of Coconut Jellybeans NNNLSGTE Strato
Start With A Lot Of Rootbeer Jellybeans NNELUITE Strato
Start With 77 Vitamin A Pills For Your Vita-Blaster YYEUSIAA Strato
Start With 77 Vitamin B Pills For Your Vita-Blaster YYEUNIAA Strato
Start With 77 Vitamin C Pills For Your Vita-Blaster YYOLOIAA Strato
Messes Up The Graphics AAAAAA Sonic the Hedgehog

# Note
1 If you lose a life in the underwater section you may not be able to call your Blob and will be, therefore, trapped. If this happens reset and start again.
2 These `Start With A Lot Of...' codes will be multiplying constantly and the majority of the beans are in the thousands range.

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