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Name Code(s)
With Codes 16 Through 18, You May Need To Switch Off To Go On 6
Codes 19 Through 21 Don't Work On All Levels 18

Name Code Hacker(s)
1 Life PENVZILA Galoob
6 Lives TENVZILA Galoob
9 Lives PENVZILE Galoob
Infinite Lives GXXZZLVI Galoob
Enemies Easier To Kill GXEILUSO Galoob
Mega-Jumping EYSAUVEI Galoob
Super Fast Punching AEUZITPA Galoob
Start On Level 2 (Wookie Hole) ZAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 3 (Turbo Tunnel) LAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 4 (Arctic Cavern) GAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 5 (Surf City) IAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 6 (Karnath's Lair) TAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 7 (Volkmire's Inferno) YAXAALAA Galoob
Start On Level 8 (Intruder Excluder) AAXAALAE Galoob
Start On Level 9 (Terra Tubes) PAXAALAE Galoob
Start On Level 10 (Rat Race) ZAXAALAE Galoob
Start On Level 11 (Clinger Winger) LAXAALAE Galoob
Start On Level 12 (The Revolution) GAXAALAE Galoob
Start On Level 13 (Armageddon) IAXAALAE Iceboxman
Start In Dark Queen's Tower PYXAALAE ?
Double Energy From Flies AOUKXNAA Galoob
Maximum Energy From Flies YXUKXNAE Galoob
Almost Everything Dies In One Hit, Including You, Weird Stuff Happens PEASOK Red Fang Fukemall (
Like PEASOK, Only Sometimes Things Won't Die In One Hit, Enemies Can Be Hit (Special Move) Forever For Many Points LEESOK Red Fang Fukemall (
Your Toad Freezes When You Try To Run 1 OZZXYY-- Kizul

# Note
1 He stays frozen until you stop holding the left/right pad button. This is a great code for the Turbo Tunnel Part Two, because if you hit a ramp that makes you go really high and tap forward twice (and hold down the second tap), you'll stay frozen in mid-air! Do not use in The Rat Race, as your toad will stay frozen until the Rat detonates the bomb.

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