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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 2 Lives PESZAALA Galoob
Start With 7 Lives TESZAALA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives PESZAALE Galoob
Infinite Lives SXNLISSE Galoob
Keep Items After Dying (After 1st Stage) GXUUGOSO Galoob
Start With 2 Red Taylors VTVZZESE Galoob
Start With 2 Blue Taylors VTVZIESE Galoob
Start With 2 Classies VTVXAESE Galoob
Start With 2 Don-Dons VTVXLESE Galoob
Start With 2 Poleys VTVXTESE Galoob
Start With 2 Boomerangs VTNZPESE Galoob
Start With 2 Axes VTNZGESE Galoob
Start With 2 Invincibility Crystals VTNZYESE Galoob
Mega-Jumping Master Higgins SUEZEXLN Galoob
Get 99 Lives When You Pick Up 100 Fruit AAKXGTZA Galoob
Infinite Power Up Usage SUUUGOSO Viper187
When You Push Start To Enter A Level, You'll Automaticaly Complete The Level (Doesn't Work On Boss Levels) PAELZE gedowski
Makes The Game Harder By Making The Enemies More Aggressive And The Fruit Only Stays On The Screen For A Couple Of Seconds SXNULS gedowski
Auto Brings Up The Stage Select, But It Won't Let You Exit SZXZGS gedowski
When You Start The Game, Instead Of The UFO Appearing, It's The 1st Boss VVKXZE gedowski

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