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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Nitros SUKXVUVS Galoob
Longer Nitro Boost NNKXXLGV Galoob
Shorter Bitro Noost AXKXXLGT Galoob
Engines Are Half Price GEKAOKAA Galoob
Engines Cost More PEKAOKAE Galoob
Tires Are Half Price LEKAXGTA Galoob
Tires Cost More PEKAXGTE Galoob
Transmission Work Is Half Price ZEKAUGGA Galoob
Transmission Work Is Double Price AEKAUGGE Galoob
Suspension Is Half Price PEKAKGZA Galoob
Suspension Is Triple Price TEKAKGZA Galoob
Player 1 Gets Player 2's Nitros VTVUYOVN

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