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Name Code Hacker(s)
'Life' Costs Less LAKUTGTA Galoob
'Life' Costs More GAKUTGTE Galoob
'Freeze' Costs Less GAKUYKAA Galoob
'Freeze' Costs More YAKUYKAE Galoob
'Invincible' Costs Less IASLAKZA Galoob
'Invincible' Costs More GPSLAKZA Galoob
'Life Up' Costs Less TASLPKGA Galoob
'Life Up' Costs More APSLPKGE Galoob
Start With 1 Life PEVEIALA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives TEVEIALA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives PEVEIALE Galoob
Never Lose A Life In 'Attractions' SXKYUOVK Galoob
More 'Freeze' Time NYKULZKU Galoob
Less 'Freeze' Time AGKULZKL Galoob
More 'Invincible' Time EGSUYXGL Galoob
Infinite Candles SZSTGVVK Galoob
Mega-Jump EYKVNKXN Galoob
Infinite Lives SXKYUOVK Galoob
Start With Less Energy In Attractions PAVAZPLA Galoob
Start With More Energy In Attractions IAVAZPLA Galoob
Start With Even More Energy In Attractions PAVAZPLE Galoob
Almost Infinite Energy In Attractions SXXNXPVG Galoob
All Items For Free GXELLXSN
Infinite Life 1 AVXNXPVG Ugetab
Multi-Jump 2 LENTOUTY Ugetab
Freeze Timer ATXYKZEL Ugetab
Go To The Castle To Beat The Game AEUTTPOT Ugetab
Stars Not Needed 3 AAXUAXGY Ugetab
Invincible In Side-Scrolling Stages ATEYZISZ Ugetab

# Note
1 Works for all stages.
2 You have to land to adjust the view. Don't jump up through holes in the ceiling in the haunted house, single-jump up to the chairs, and ride them.
3 Makes it so you can have less stars than the price of something, and you can still buy it.

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