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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives SZVZINVK Galoob
Start With 1 Life AEKAAAZA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives IEKAAAZA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives AEKAAAZE Galoob
Start With Less Initial Energy But More Max Energy GEUAAEGA Galoob
Start With More Energy AOUAAEGE Galoob
Super Jump When Normal GXEEYEGA Galoob
Keep "Speed Up" After Powered Down GXVPIKSE Galoob
Gain Energy From Picking Up Smiles GASZTYAA Galoob
Start On Stage 2-1 YEXELAAA Galoob
Start On Stage 3-1 IEXELAAE Galoob
Start On Stage 4-1 ZOXELAAA Galoob
Start On Stage 5-1 YOXELAAA Galoob
Start On Stage 6-1 PXXELAAA Galoob
Infinite Health SXSPVOSE electric_jimi

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