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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives SZUGYIVG Galoob
Start With 1 Life AAEGZLZA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives IAEGZLZA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives AAEGZLZE Galoob
Infinite Homing Missiles GZSOEEVK Galoob
Infinite Thunderbreaks GXKPEOVK Galoob
Infinite Multi-Warheads GXSOVXVK Galoob
Start With 5 Of Each Weapon IAEKPLAA Galoob
Start With 10 Of Each Weapon ZAEKPLAE Galoob
Start With 15 Of Each Weapon YAEKPLAE Galoob
Kill All Enemies 1 YAASLY
Enemies Are Messed Up And Makes The Game Harder PIIKKK
Messes Up Song And Graghics EKGAAA
Cool Music And Sound EKYAAA
Screen Scrolls Weird, Can Get Stuck In Walls KKKKKK Rick L
No Sound, Tank Just Moves In Place KKIIST Rick L
Can't Get Power-Ups OPISTY Rick L
Jungle-Like Level, Must Exit Tank To Explore GKISOP Rick L
Mixed-Up Maze GKISEP Rick L
Many Strange Effects Take Place GKISZP Rick L
Cool Colors SSPAGE Rick L
Nighttime With Blue Landscape IIPAGE Rick L
Weird Colors, Screen Jerks Around, Enemies Are Frozen IPPAGE Rick L
Computer-Like Music And Sound Effects IPEAGE Rick L
When You Aim The Tank Up, The Cannon Doesn't Go Up All The Way STOPIT Rick L
Infinite Car Energy XVLAKO Ninja_Lightning
Infinite Car Energy, Gain Most Power-Ups Shortly 2 OOLAKO Ninja_Lightning
Infinite Energy (Alternate Code) OLVKSOOO quad
Start With 99 Of Each Weapon LTEKPLAA drgonzo7

# Note
1 This code kills all enemies when they appear. However, it makes the second boss invincible.
2 You gain all the car powerups shortly into the game except the Hyper Gun from the first boss.

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