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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 1 Life AEEGEPZA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives IEEGEPZA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives AEEGEPZE Galoob
Infinite Lives GXKGKXVK Galoob
Infinite Timer GXXONEVK Galoob
Slower Timer LVXOUELL Galoob
Faster Timer TOXOUELU Galoob
Always Have Detonator AEKAZYLA Galoob
Bomb Has A Longer Fuse YNEOLXLK Galoob
Bomb Has A Shorter Fuse AXEOLXLG Galoob
Stop Bombs From Exploding GXOLSXVS Galoob
Dollar Sign Acts As Flame Face EASPTANG Galoob
Dollar Sign Acts As Bomb GYSPTANG Galoob
Dollar Sign Acts As Heart With Bomb KASPTANK Galoob
Dollar Sign Acts As Skate OPSPTANG Galoob
Dollar Sign Acts As Vest For A Short Time OZSPTANK Galoob
Super Start GAXKSTAA
Always Walk Through Bombs OXXAPYSX
Always Walk Through Walls OXOEGYSX
Invincible 1 XTUEIZSO angeleyez

# Note
1 You will disappear for a second.

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