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Name Code Hacker(s)
Player 1 Start With 1 Life PAOPUGLA Galoob
Player 1 Start With 6 Lives TAOPUGLA Galoob
Player 1 Start With 9 Lives PAOPUGLE Galoob
Infinite Lives (Players 1 & 2) OZNEATVK Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 5 IAOONGPA Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 10 ZAOONGPE Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 15 YAOONGPE Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 20 GPOONGPA Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 25 PPOONGPE Galoob
Player 1 Start At Level 30 TPOONGPE Galoob
No Bat Enhancement Capsules SXNAIAAX Galoob
No Lasers SXVATAAX Galoob
See Blocks That Have Been Destroyed AEYZOP
Mega Fast Ball GKIZZN
Fast Ball That Demo Can Handle POIZZY
Fast Ball You Can Handle AEIZZN
Different Colors IIZZIG
Door On Side Is Always Open SOTUVA
Items Fall Through You OPEEIO
Items Fall Through You & Ship Will Not Explode EAEEIO
Demo Plays For You LKEEIP
Demo Plays For You Except On Levels 10, 20, 30 LXEEIP
Demo Plays For You On A Few Levels ZXEEIO
Black Background And Blocks XTSPEE
Square Ball VVZZPP
No Points Can Be Scored In The Game AEIEEI
Extra Invisible Blocks AISXXL
Major Points And Speed YYAXXX
Ball Goes Through All Blocks STPOOO
Lots Of Lives, Probably 255 NYOPUGLE
Start On Level 1 **OONGP*

# Note
1 ZA A 2
LA A 3
GA A 4
IA A 5
TA A 6
YA A 7
AA E 8
PA E 9
ZA E 10
LA E 11
GA E 12
IA E 13
TA E 14
YA E 15
AP A 16
PP A 17
ZP A 18
LP A 19
GP A 20
IP A 21
TP A 22
YP A 23
AP E 24
PP E 25
ZP E 26
LP E 27
GP E 28
IP E 29
TP E 30
YP E 31
AZ A 32
PZ A 33
ZZ A 34
LZ A 35
GZ A Boss

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