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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives SXPKAG Galoob
Start With 1 Life AEZKLL Galoob
Start With 10 Lives PEZKLU Galoob
Stop Timer SZIGAT Galoob
Decrease Time VPGKGG Galoob
Increase Timer VYGKGK Galoob
Start On Stage 10 ZELGYU Galoob
Start On Stage 20 GOLGYL Galoob
Start On Stage 30 TOLGYU Galoob
Start On Stage 40 AXLGYU Galoob
Start On Stage 50 ZULGYL Galoob
Start With Double Power Bomb Blasts AXKKALAP Galoob
Start With Triple Power Bomb Blasts AUKKALAP Galoob
Start With Maximum Power Bomb Blasts! EEKKALAP Galoob
Increase Bomb Detonation Time NYXKUIEX Galoob
Reduce Bomb Detonation Time AYXKUIEZ Galoob
Never Lose Remote Controller After Pick-Up GXEKLGSA Galoob
Demo Start (Start With Remote Controller, Bigger Bombs And More Bombsboy) AESKGUIZ Galoob
Immune To Bomb Blasts OXVGITSX Galoob
Use Up To 9 Bombs XZEGNIVZ
Start With And Keep Remote Controller OXEKVPSX
Walk Through Walls OZNKNNPK
Start On Level 1 **LGY* ?

# Note
1 AE L 0
PE L 1
ZE L 2
LE L 3
GE L 4
IE L 5
TE L 6
YE L 7
AE U 8
PE U 9
ZE U 10
LE U 11
GE U 12
IE U 13
ZO U 14
YE U 15
AO L 16
PO L 17
ZO L 18
LO L 19
GO L 20
IO L 21
TO L 22
YO L 23
AO U 24
PO U 25
ZO U 26
LO U 27
GO U 28
IO U 29
TO U 30
YO U 31
AX L 32
PX L 33
ZX L 34
LX L 35
GX L 36
IX L 37
TX L 38
YX L 39
AX U 40
PX U 41
ZX U 42
LX U 43
GX U 44
IX U 45
TX U 46
YX U 47
AU L 48
PU L 49
ZU L 50

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