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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Spell Energy AUEKGUAP Galoob
Infinite Life Energy SZUGTISA Galoob
Double Life And Spell Energy AZKAVZGO Galoob
Start With Blast Spell PAKEKZAA Galoob
Start With Bind Spell ZAKEKZAA Galoob
Start With Extra Weapon Power GPKAXZGA Galoob
Keep Weapons After Death SZUGEUVK Galoob
Start With 1 Life AEUEUGZA
Start With Double Lives IEUEUGZA
Start With Triple Lives AEUEUGZE
Infinite Power SXKGYISA Viper187
All Enemies Are Invincible AKTSPP
Can't See How Much Life, Weapon Or Spell Power You Have AUAKGP
The Things Those Green Balls Drop Don't Hurt You AGISOT
Intro Music Is Changed NNPPIS
Start With A Weapon Power Upgrade! SVLGTX

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