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Name Code Hacker(s)
1 Life PAKETILA Galoob
6 Lives TAKETILA Galoob
9 Lives PAKETILE Galoob
Infinite Lives SZULXKVK Galoob
Start With Fewer Hearts ZAKATIIA Galoob
Start With More Hearts PAKATIIE Galoob
Less Damage From Powerful Monsters LAEPYSYA Galoob
Infinite Energy GZOPTIST Galoob
20 Continues IPUAGSLA Galoob
5 Continues TAUAGSLA Galoob
Infinite Energy (Fixed) 1 SZOPTIST

# Note
1 Note: The old infinite energy code caused you to die in one hit later in the game. This one will work, even though it looks like you take damage.

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