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Name Code Hacker(s)
Protection From Enemy Bullets SZXZONSE Galoob
Protection From Collisions SZSZKXSE Galoob
Protection From "Electric Grids" SXSATXSE Galoob
Start With 1 Life AEXILGZA Galoob
Start With 100 Lives GVXILGZA Galoob
Each Backpack Energy Capsule Counts As Two GAVXVLZA Galoob
Each Backpack Energy Capsule Counts As Four AAVXVLZE Galoob
Invincibility Lasts Until Next Stage AAKOPIZA Galoob
Start With 7 Backpack Energy Capsules Instead Of None GEOSPKVN Galoob
Start Game With 3 Life Increments Instead Of 8 GEOSTKTA Galoob
Continue Game With 3 Life Increments Instead Of 8 GASOTOTA Galoob
Infinite Lives SZXSZSVK Galoob
Don't Get Stunned When Hit GXEUIOSE Galoob
Stand Your Ground AEUUAPGA
Intense Knock-Nack When Hit 1 VNULTONN
Game Freezes When You Get A Backpack Energy Capsule YAVXULZE Jon Giusti and Cal Leingang (
Darker Colour SOTILL Daniel T
The Evil Code! 2 KATOES Daniel T
Softer Music NUTAIS Daniel T
Where Is Batman? OOPSYY Daniel T
Batman Can Only Shoot Upwards Until He Manages To Pick Up A Power Weapon PILONS Daniel T
Changes Colour ANZAST Daniel T
Start With 9 Lives YEXILGZE ?
No Damage From Bullets Or Missiles GZXZONSE ?
No Damage From Objects Or Enemies GZSZKXSE ?
Invincible In Boss Fights 3 SZVUIASE DocLathropBrown
Walk Through Enemies And Projectiles After Being Hit Once 4 SXEUIOSE DocLathropBrown

# Note
1 With this code you may get stuck or die if you get knocked into a wall.
2 Boxes cannot be broken and enemies cannot be killed.
3 Note: Your Health counter will lower, but it won't ever go below 79,000 something. Then, it goes back up to 81,000 or so. You can be harmed, but never killed! Now sit back and enjoy the Joker's long-awaited ass-whooping!
4 Note: This code does not work on spikes, so be careful. Also, every time after you enter a new 'room' or start a new level, you must get hit again to re-activate the code.

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