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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
10 Power Points ZESNLLLE Galoob
20 Power Points GOSNLLLA Galoob
30 Power Points TOSNLLLE Galoob
Start On Mission 5 AEVYZLAE Galoob
Start On Mission 10 ZOVYZLAA Galoob
Start On Mission 15 GOVYZLAE Galoob
Start On Mission 20 TXVYZLAA Galoob
Infinite Power 1 SXVLZXSE
Infinite 700+ Energy 2 OUNLAZGA Ugetab
Can't Instantly Die From Touching 'Boss' Planes 3 NSKIELGA Ugetab
Infinite Weapon Upgrade Time SGOUZUVK Ugetab

# Note
1 Power still counts down, but code works.
2 Using your Special Weapon, or going below 700 will refill you to 700 Energy.
3 Giant planes can kill you instantly if you touch them. This prevents that from happening. Tested to the end of Mission 10. Not needed if you're sure you can avoid touching them.

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