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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives SZUGGTVG Galoob
Start With 1 Life AEESKGZA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives IEESKGZA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives AEESKGZE Galoob
Extra Energy On Heart Pick-Up GEEPOTPA Galoob
Infinite Pellets After Pick-Up GZNOUGST Galoob
Double Usual Pellets On Pick-Up GPSPXVZA Galoob
Half Usual Pellets On Pick-Up IASPXVZA Galoob
Walk Through Enemies/Invincible (Read Note) 1 SZOPEZVK DocLathropBrown
Take 4X The Damage SZOPKZSE DocLathropBrown
Regenerate Your Life (Except When You Are Hit By The Joker's Gun) 2 SKGGGT
Changes Colour In Cinema Screens, Music Is Different When Pressing Pause LATESO Daniel T
Ghostly Batman OISOSK Daniel T
Epileptic Code VALKIN Daniel T
Semi-Controllable Mega-Jump NZUOAUPA Phil The Hammer
Infinite Life PPOPEZVG Fender_178
Infinite Life (Different) 3 SKGGTT Belfourtml
Batman Has Black Outfit 4 AAVKVPLP
Very Few Enemies OXOESGSK Ugetab
Punch To Kill All Enemies On Screen SZKPNUGK Ugetab
Infinite Health 5 NUXGLTSP Ugetab

# Note
1 This code makes you invincible to Enemies and Bosses ONLY. Background hazards, such as fans, electricity, the liquid in level 2-1, and gears, such as the ones in level 5-1, can still hurt you. But it's still just one life point. I suggest also using the SKGGGT code alongside this one so that you can't die from the background hazards. The Joker's bullets can still hurt you!
2 Your life meter will refill itself every time it reaches a critical level. You can be harmed, but never killed. Here's what to do to assure your winning: Jump around as much as possible, and don't stay to far from the Joker, he will shoot you. Instead, try and jump on him as much as possible, then either punch him until he brings the lightning, get hit by that so that your life meter regenerates, then do the same, or just get hit by the lightning when it comes, and don't punch the Joker (punching is the best weapon in this technique).
3 Unlike the SKGGGT code, this one actually keeps your health meter full. So you're invincible to the Joker's gun! Also interesting to note is that when used with my Invincibility code (SZOPEZVK, allows you to pass through enemies and enemy projectiles), you'll be unstoppable. Because the SKGGTT code will cover what my code doesn't: The background hazards. The existing code on GSC (PPOPEZVG) does the same thing as SKGGTT. But when used together with my code, it cancels out! So I suggest using SKGGTT if you're gonna wanna combine with my code.
4 This code gives batman a color scheme more fitting to his movie character.
5 Messes up the health display, but you get infinite 112 hits.

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