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Name Code Hacker(s)
Both Players Start With 1 Life PAUKEZLA Galoob
Both Players Start With 6 Lives TAUKEZLA Galoob
Both Players Start With 9 Lives PAUKEZLE Galoob
Start Game On Level 10 ZAUGEZPE Galoob
Start Game On Level 25 PPUGEZPE Galoob
Start Game On Level 50 ZLUGEZPA Galoob
Start Game On Level 75 LGUGEZPE Galoob
Skip Only 2 Levels ZAOGOLGA Galoob
Skip 10 Levels ZAOGOLGE Galoob
Lots Of Bubble Power AAUILSPP Galoob
Monsters Move Faster ZANEAGPA
Monsters Move Super Fast LANEAGPA
Angry Monsters Move Faster LANEIGZA
Always Wear Turbo Shoes AANSIGTA
Auto Puts Player 2 In Game PAUKSX gedowski
On Each Stage, You'll Autoplay The Bonus Round, But You Can't Collect Any Items AAEKAN gedowski
Warps You To The Last Boss OAEGGN gedowski
When You Kill The Last Enemy, You'll Skip 2 Stages LUNAAA gedowski
It Never Says Hurry Up EPTVOE gedowski
After A Couple Of Seconds Of Gameplay, It Says Nice 1-Up And You Advance To The Next Stage NNNSUE gedowski
Brings Up The Password Screen While You Play NNNSKE gedowski
When You Die, Reappear By Being Dropped In AAUSZT gedowski
Die Once To Have Infinite Lives AAUSPT gedowski
Die Once To Become Player 2 AANITT gedowski
When You Kill The Last Enemy, You'll Have More Time To Collect Items AAXGYY gedowski
Infinite Life, You'll Never Die PAISII gedowski
Walkthru AAIIGI gedowski
Gain A Ton Of Points Fast AAUKGA gedowski
When You Pause And Unpause, It Causes The Enemies To Be Paused For About 5 Seconds Longer SAIGSE gedowski
It Shows Player 1 And 2 Has All Letters Collected LYINIZ gedowski
On Any Life But Your 1st, Shoot Lots Of Bubbles And Can Shoot Them Further AAUITT gedowski
In A One Player Game, Bring In Player 2 With 9 Lives SAIKSE gedowski
Always Shoot Lightning Bubbles PAUSXX gedowski

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