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Name Code(s)
Habe immer 5

Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 1 Life PEEEPALA Galoob
Start With 6 Lives TEEEPALA Galoob
Start With 9 Lives PEEEPALE Galoob
Start With Infinite Lives SZOEGPVG Galoob
Stop Energy Bar Counting Down SXKKIAVG Galoob
Become Immune To Rocks GXNGLAKA Galoob
Keep Weapons GZXEAPSA Galoob
Can Mega Jump While At Rest SPEEIIEG Galoob
Can Mega Jump While Running SPEETSOZ Galoob
Multi Moon Jumps AAEAYIPA
Hudson Can Moonwalk AEKAPIPA
Invisible Higgins But You Can't Beat The Level AAEPPZ
Sometimes You Can Walk In The Air! GAESSZ
Listen To Music While Staring At Trees AAEEPO
You Can Megakick Eggs And Hatchets And Boulders Float! AAPPZZ
Black And White Game! EEGGPO
You Can't Use Weapons! EAAEEE
Walk Underground Or In The Air (Very Crazy!) OSTEGK
When You Die With A Weapon You Keep Your Weapon And Get A Free Skateboard! NZXEAPSA
Items And Enemies Float When Hit PIPOZZ ?
Music Turns Off When Certain Enemies Are Hit PIKOZZ ?
Moonwalking SXAEPI Horacioatlanta@
Makes All Eggs That Are Hidden Or Invisible Visable GAPZVK Horacioatlanta@
Keep Weapons After Losing A Life Including Skateboards And Fire In Addition A Lives Loop, Looks Strange But Works! GZPETO Horacioatlanta@

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