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Name Code(s)
Have Attributes Codes 2
Have Charabomb Codes 30

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9DCBE8F5 A350
BD22D085 48B8
16F46BED 4446
Shimer & likk
Stop Time CEAB03E7 3904 Shimer & likk
Max Speed F132F898 20FB Shimer & likk
Invincible 343B3B8C 00D3 Shimer & likk
Infinite Bombs 1212F530 784A Shimer & likk
Infinite Lives CFC58455 38AC Shimer & likk
Max Bombs 9B24D9A8 4862 Shimer & likk
Max Fire 1E2D99AC 0843 Shimer & likk
All Charabombs 1AA49D78 300C
B313BC3A 2038
Shimer & likk

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