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Name Code(s)
Position #1 Codes 13
Position #2 Codes 13
Position #3 Codes 13
Position #4 Codes 13
Item Modifier Codes 60
Spell Modifier Slot Codes 128
1st Position Codes 29
2nd Position Codes 29
3rd Position Codes 29
4th Position Codes 29
In-Battle Codes 0
Infinite HP Codes 8
Infinite MP Codes 8
1-Hit Death Codes 6
Character Modifier Codes 0
Slot 1 Codes 34
Slot 2 Codes 34
Slot 3 Codes 34
Slot 4 Codes 34
Spell Modifier Codes 320
Main 22
Invincible Codes 5

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9171AA80 F67E
571159F4 F85B
A8FE2A5B 52A0
DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Infinite Money 0AD4BC51 6F46 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Lotsa Money In Bank 549384D6 8FCC DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
No Random Battles 54095924 FA81 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Play As Windian Lady Instead Of Ryu (Out Of Battle) Ryu's Mother? (Blue Hair And Gold Wings) BBFC8EF8 FEF6 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Max Luck (Works On All Positions) 1 49A0B84F F6E4 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Invincible (Against Physical Attacks) 55115D14 F3D1 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Enable All Shaman F93A473E 90F9 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Infinite Time Underwater At Sky Tower E9BA765D 1068 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat
Receive A Lot Of Exp After Battle A6BDAE79 6576 DarkSerge & mr_likkatwat

# Note
1 Note 1: With this code, you must use an item that raises your luck stat for it to work.

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