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Name Code(s)
Have Attributes Codes 2
Have Charabomb Codes 30

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 93A238F6 CEAD
F3343A41 50FE
D5C1D681 F7C2
likk & Shimer
Stop Time DC738F77 7AEB likk & Shimer
Max Speed 030C6458 315C likk & Shimer
Invincible 870994F1 377C likk & Shimer
Infinite Bombs 2968EA98 16C8 likk & Shimer
Infinite Lives F8F42966 5043 likk & Shimer
Max Bombs 00CD771D 36C0 likk & Shimer
Max Fire 80C9B7F5 36E4 likk & Shimer
All Charabombs 58C0A3DE 17C1
210C227A 1DD9
likk & Shimer

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