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Name Code(s)
Unlock Commercials 32
Mode Codes 15
Patch Codes 24
Barnstormer Codes 1
Beam Rider Codes 1
Bloody Human Codes 1
Boxing Codes 1
Chopper Command Codes 2
Climber 5 Codes 1
Cosmic Commuter Codes 3
Crackpots Codes 1
Decathalon Codes 2
Dolphin Codes 1
Fishing Derby Codes 1
Frostbite Codes 2
Grand Prix Codes 1
Hero Codes 3
Hockey Codes 1
Kabobber Codes 1
Kaboom Codes 1
Keystone Cappers Codes 3
Laser Blast Codes 2
MegaMania Codes 3
Oink! Codes 1
Okie Codes 1
Oystron Codes 2
Pitfall Codes 2
Pitfall 2 Codes 1
Pressure Cooker Codes 1
Private Eye Codes 1
River Raid Codes 3
River Raid 2 Codes 2
Robot Tank Codes 2
Sea Quest Codes 3
Skateboardin' Codes 1
Skeleton Codes 1
Skiing Codes 1
Skyjinks Codes 1
Space Treat Deluxe Codes 1
Spider Fight Codes 3
Stampede Codes 1
Starmaster Codes 1
Tennis Codes 1
Thwocker Codes 1
TitleMatch Codes 1
Vault Assault Codes 1
ProtoType 1 Codes 1
ProtoType 2 Codes 1
Unlock Gameplay Mode Codes 16
Unlock Commercial Codes 48
Unlock Patch Codes 35
Unlock Modes 15
Unlock Patches 24

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 1 00001B92 000A
1000CEAC 0007

# Note
1 Only use the set of codes for the game you wish to play. Having codes active for games you are not currently playing will cause the game to freeze/glitch. At the end of some levels, it will use your lives/time to calculate your overall score, so turn the switch off to complete the level. The invincible codes are rather simple in their creation, sometimes running into walls (i.e. River Raid), will still kill you! In most cases if you die with the invincible code turned on, you will be stuck as 'dead' until you turn off the Code Breaker switch. Turn it back on once your character is back and you have control again.

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