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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 00004A34 000A
10002AAC 0007
Infinite Money 83000100 FFFF Helder
Max Money 83000100 967F
83000102 0098
No Penalty Timer 83000190 0000 Helder
No K.O. Timer 83003396 0000 Helder
Never Get Flipped Over 330033A2 0000 Helder
Can't Lose From Damage 330033A3 00FF Helder
Press Select To Reset Time 74000130 03FB
83003158 0150
Press L For Instant Win 74000130 01FF
830035DA 0210
74000130 01FF
830035E6 0301

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