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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9F2B8712 C13E
905642D6 9F4F
200C701C 0310
Infinite Health 95A0DBB1 335D Masa
Infinite Tries 5DB96B79 AFD7 Masa
Max Dee Dee's 6A584204 2CA0 Masa
Have Wrench EA1C66DC DF80 Masa
Have Screwdriver DA0544D4 DBCD Masa
Have Pliers EC1D60DD 9F80 Masa
Have Soldering Tool EC0440D5 9B88 Masa
Have Hammer 921C74DC D745 Masa
Have Drill EA0546D4 DB8A Masa
Have Zap-a-tron DC1D62DD 9FC7 Masa
Have Splurgerator DC1C62DD 9FC7 Masa
Have Green Keycard 944150C5 B36F Masa
Have Blue Keycard 925974CC F767 Masa
Have Red Keycard A24054C4 F32A Masa
Have Yellow Keycard A45870CD B722 Masa
Have Brown Keycard A40512D5 9308 Masa
Have Green Key A40412D5 9308 Masa
Have Red Key 921C36DC D745 Masa
Have Yellow Key A20514D4 D308 Masa
Have Red Gem 5BE2292A 2BFD Masa
Have Green Gem 5DFA0D23 6FF5 Masa
Have Blue Gem 15E33F2B 637F Masa
Have Yellow Gem 13FB1B22 2777 Masa
Have Yellow Pill 15FB1D23 6775 Masa

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