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Name Code(s)
Start On Level Modifier Codes [Special Note 2] 5

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000D66C 000A
1004A68C 0007
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Infinite Lives P1 33002C60 0063 StalkerX & DarkSerge
Quick Score Gain P1 83002C64 FFFF StalkerX & DarkSerge
Max Score P1 83002C64 E0FF
83002C66 05F5
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Infinite Continues 33001A84 0063 StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+Up For Spread 74000130 03BB
33002CA8 0001
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+Down For C Missiles 74000130 037B
33002CA8 0002
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+Left For Homing Missiles 74000130 03DB
33002CA8 0003
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+Right For Flamethrower 74000130 03EB
33002CA8 0004
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+L Trigger For Laser 74000130 01FB
33002CA8 0005
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Press Select+R Trigger For Tank Missile 74000130 02FB
33002CA8 0006
StalkerX & DarkSerge
Invincibility 1 33002CA0 0063 StalkerX & DarkSerge

# Note
1 With this code, you can still die if you fall out of the screen and/or into the lava.

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