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Name Code(s)
Have Magic Items Codes 8
Have Items Codes 54

Name Code Hacker(s)
Hold R Button And Press Direction To Walk Thru Walls 1 74000130 02DF
E2000036 FFFE
74000130 02EF
E2000036 0001
Press L+R If You Get Stuck In The Ceiling 74000130 00FF
8200003A 00AA
Press L For Antigravity (Note) 2 D0000020 0200
320048E0 0007
Instant Level Up 3202566A 0001 GMO
Max Strength 82025646 270F
82025648 270F
Max Defense 8202564E 270F
82025650 270F
Max Intelligence 82025656 270F
82025658 270F
Max Luck 8202565E 270F
82025660 270F
Infinite HP 8202562E 270F GMO
Infinite MP 82025636 270F GMO
Infinite Hearts 8202563C 270F GMO
Max Stats 42025646 270F
00000004 0008
42025648 270F
00000004 0008
Max Experience 82025668 E0FF
8202566A 5F5E
Level Modifier 82025664 0??? GMO
Max Level [999] 82025664 03E7 GMO
Instant Level Up To Max Level 3202566A 0020 GMO
Have All Items 420256EC 6363
0000001C 0002
Have All Magic Items 4202572E 0101
00000005 0002

# Note
1 Use the code below this as well.
2 If you press L while rising up you will float until you hit a object. If you press L while dropping down you will float. If you hold L while walking off a ledge then you will walk in mid-air (Do not press while saving the game, and if you press L while on the ground you may have to get in midair and whip to become unstuck.)

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