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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9E98E1AC C4EA
18725F98 5263
08064681 5573
XAnimal & Parasyte
Always 1st Place 081BBCF5 DCDF XAnimal & Parasyte
Low Timer D9678DE2 1BA1
D867CDE6 13A3
XAnimal & Parasyte
Unlock All Cars EEC130BE 64DA
09521F9C DE41
14EA1274 697A
XAnimal & Parasyte
Unlock All Tuning Parts 669F5065 24FA
269AF67D 647F
XAnimal & Parasyte
Unlock All Extras 6B53BC98 1DF5
6A53FC9C 14F7
XAnimal & Parasyte
Unlock All Tracks EEC510A6 64DE
09521F9C DE41
XAnimal & Parasyte

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