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Name Code(s)
Always Have Weapon Codes 0
Only Use One At A Time 3
Mi6 Level Codes 1
Mi6 Training Codes 1
Mi6 Interlude 1 Codes 1
Mi6 Interlude 2 Codes 1
Mi6 Interlude 3 Codes 1
Mi6 Combat Simulator Codes 10
Mi6 Survival Test Codes 10
The Platinum War Codes 16
Battle In The Big Easy Codes 16
Death Of An Agent Codes 16
The Ruined Tower Codes 16
Miscellaneous Codes 3
Action Mission Codes 6
Driving Mission Codes 5
A Long Way Down Codes 16
Mardi Gras Mayhem Codes 16
Faded Splendor Codes 16
Sand Storm Codes 16
The Kiss Kiss Club Codes 16
Everything Or Nothing Codes 16
Vertigo Codes 16
Train Chase Codes 16
Red Line Codes 7
The Final Card Codes 16
A Show Of Force Codes 16
An Old Friend Codes 16
The Machinery Of Evil Codes 16
The High Road Codes 16
Red Underground Codes 16
Ambushed Codes 16
The Pontchartrain Bridge Codes 16
Diavolo's Plan Codes 16
Death's Door Codes 16
Serena St. Germaine Codes 16
Dangerous Descent Codes 16
A Simple Exchange Codes 16
Ground Zero Codes 16

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 000084F5 000A
100193C0 0007
Infinite Time (Timed Missions) 8201A454 07B7 Colorhaze
Infinite Health 3200E924 0096
330034B8 0096
Infinite Ammo (All Guns) 33003981 00FF
33003982 00FF
33003983 00FF
Always Have Silencer 3300397F 0001 Colorhaze
Have Alot Of Points (Shop) 32019EC5 00FF Colorhaze

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