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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code(s)
Start On Stage Code 12

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9AC802BB 2C05
E7C182D5 D722
C58BD805 DF41
Masa + Shimer
Infinite Health 1E3F6E50 DC26 Masa + Shimer
Infinite Rapid Fire 470E3FF7 D3BC Masa + Shimer
Infinite Shampoo Goo 6FC473DF F2B0 Masa + Shimer
Infinite Blue Flame 6F8E77DF F2B4 Masa + Shimer
Infinite Sludge Fire 4F447BD7 D2B0 Masa + Shimer
Infinite Big Blue Goo 4F0E7FD7 D2B4 Masa + Shimer
Infinite Blue Goo Grenades B1F4112A F749 Masa + Shimer
Have Red Key BBF0D712 D035 Masa + Shimer
Have Green Key ABE0D610 D0B5 Masa + Shimer
Have Blue Key BBBAD312 D031 Masa + Shimer
Have Yellow Key ABAAD210 D0B Masa + Shimer
Have All Cards BFF0D742 D054
E78B86D5 D726
Masa + Shimer
Have Silver Card 9B70DF1A F035
8B60DE18 F0B5
Masa + Shimer
Have All Discs FE9B8363 964A
8A2BCA18 F4A3
Masa + Shimer
All Vents Plugged 842BC8DC BDA2
E0C184A5 D5CF
Masa + Shimer
All Components Found 852AD8DC F3B0
D01B89AF F54B
Masa + Shimer
All Creatures Killed C6454E49 F5C6
Masa + Shimer

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