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Name Code(s)
Glitch Codes 118
DSS Mercury Codes 10
DSS Venus Codes 10
Dss Jupiter Codes 10
DSS Mars Codes 10
DSS Diana Codes 10
DSS Apollo Codes 10
DSS Neptune Codes 10
DSS Saturn Codes 10
DSS Uranus Codes 10
DSS Pluto Codes 10
Size Modifier 3

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 90173540 1263
88D6A284 0809
FE3B4C27 4950
Max Hearts EBAD264B 34E1 Masa
Infinite Health EAE9026B 64A9 Masa
Max Health E7ED49EA 34EC Masa
Have All Cards D5FD59C4 19DE
08CEE47D 00AB
Experience 984A9205 4939 Masa
Level 99 54BD6DF0 A8C6 Masa
Infinite Magic E3ED03EA 34ED Masa
Have Magic Boots 4C9CFC7D 81D2 Masa
Have Double 41FB13DC 519F Masa
Have Tackle 41D893DC D19F Masa
Have Kick Boots 41BB37FC 5197 Masa
Have Heavy Ring 4198B7FC D197 Masa
Have Cleansing 45FB59DC 519E Masa
Have Roc Wing 45D8D9DC D19E Masa
Have Last Key 45BB7DFC 5196 Masa
Infinite Antidotes C9EB0249 71B9 Masa
Infinte Potion Hi C9AB2669 71B1 Masa
Infinite Meat C5EB49C8 71BC Masa
Infinite Mind Restore CDAB6C69 71B0 Masa
Infinite Mind Ex CDEB4849 71B8 Masa
Infinite Cure Curse C9C88249 F1B9 Masa
Infinite Potion C588EDE8 F1B4 Masa
Infinite Spiced Meat C5C8C9C8 F1BC Masa
Infinite Potion Ex C988A669 F1B1 Masa
Infinite Mind Hi CD88EC69 F1B0 Masa
Infinite Heart CDC8C849 F1B8 Masa
Infinite Heart Hi D0AF27E0 28E5 Masa
Infinite Heart Ex D08CA7E0 A8E5 Masa
Infinite Heart Mega D0EF03C0 28ED Masa
Have Bear Ring 55FB59D4 588E Masa
Have Toy Ring 5198B7F4 D887 Masa
Have Miracle Armband 51BB37F4 5887 Masa
Have Magic Gauntlet 51D893D4 D88F Masa
Have Arm Guard 51FB13D4 588F Masa
Have Gauntlet 5C9CFC75 88C2 Masa
Have Wrist Band 5CBF7C75 08C2 Masa
Have Gambler Armband 5CDCD855 88CA Masa
Have Sage Armband 5CFF5855 08CA Masa
Have Defense Armband 589CB675 88C3 Masa
Have Strength Armband 58BF3675 08C3 Masa
Have Cursed Ring 58DC9255 88CB Masa
Have Luck Ring 58FF1255 08CB Masa
Have Intelligence Ring 549CFDF4 88C6 Masa
Have Hard Ring 54BF7DF4 08C6 Masa
Have Strength Ring 54DCD9D4 88CE Masa
Have Star Bracelet 54FF59D4 08CE Masa
Have Double Grips 509CB7F4 88C7 Masa
Have Soldier Fatigues 50BF37F4 08C7 Masa
Have Ninja Garb 50DC93D4 88CF Masa
Have Night Suit 50FF13D4 08CF Masa
Have Stylish Suit EF0AFC2D 5130 Masa
Have Prison Garb EF297C2D D130 Masa
Have Cotton CLothes EF4AD80D 5138 Masa
Have Sage Robe EF69580D D138 Masa
Have Magic Robe EB0AB62D 5131 Masa
Have Rainbow Robe EB29362D D131 Masa
Have Silk Robe EB4A920D 5139 Masa
Have Cotton Robe EB69120D D139 Masa
Have Shining Armor E70AFDAC 5134 Masa
Have Dark Armor E7297DAC D134 Masa
Have Needle Armor E74AD98C 513C Masa
Have Mirror Armor E769598C D13C Masa
Have Diamond Armor E30AB7AC 5135 Masa
Have Platinum Armor E32937AC D135 Masa
Have Steel Armor E34A938C 513D Masa
Have Chain Mail E369138C D13D Masa
Have Gold Armor EE0EFC2D 0170 Masa
Have Bronze Armor EE2D7C2D 8170 Masa
Have Leather Armor EE4ED80D 0178 Masa
Have Salamander Card C5E959CC D1BC Masa
Have Serpent Card C5CAD9CC 51BC Masa
Have ManDragora Card C5A97DEC D1B4 Masa
Have Golem Card C58AFDEC 51B4 Masa
Have Cockatrice Card C9E9124D D1B9 Masa
Have Mantocore Card C9CA924D 51B9 Masa
Have Griffin Card C9A9366D D1B1 Masa
Have Thunderbird Card C98AB66D 51B1 Masa
Have Unicorn Card CDE9584D D1B8 Masa
Have Black Dog CArd CDCAD84D 51B8 Masa
Have Mercury Card CDA97C6D D1B0 Masa
Have Venus Card CD8AFC6D 51B0 Masa
Have Jupiter Card 727D1394 884F Masa
Have Mars Card 725E9394 084F Masa
Have Diana Card 723D37B4 8847 Masa
Have Appollo Card 721EB7B4 0847 Masa
Have Neptune Card 767D5994 884E Masa
Have Saturn Card 765ED994 084E Masa
Have Uranus Card 763D7DB4 8846 Masa
Have Pluto Card 761EFDB4 0846 Masa

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