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Name Code(s)
Home Artillary Codes 3
Campaign Artillary Codes 3
Artillary-Home Codes 3
Artillary-Campaign Codes 3

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 92BD7FEF 4605
20E21DB0 B77A
10384092 FFF6
Infinite Cash 1D7241F3 BA7B Shimer
Infinite Health (1 On 1 Combat) E4C378E3 BF9D
D51865F9 9B6B
Weak Enemies (1 On 1 Combat) A4E37866 BF9D
9C73315C 9E75
Infinite Boulders AFE22E66 B0EB Shimer
Infinite Greek Fires EFC22EE3 B0EB Shimer
Infinite Diseases 63884A83 B5F6 Shimer

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