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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000C1E1 000A
10000406 0007
Have Iron Key 83001878 0200 Helder
Have Heal Potion 8300187A 0400 Helder
Have Hover Bomb 8300187C 0500 Helder
Have Levitator 8300187E 0600 Helder
Have Bridge Key 83001880 0700 Helder
Have Remote Wasp 83001882 0800 Helder
Have Fire Bomb 83001884 0A00 Helder
Invincible To Guns 33001018 0044 Helder
Infinite Health 33000FC8 000C Helder
Have Best Gun 3300021C 0003 Helder
Hold R+B For Safe Fall 1 74000130 02FD
83000D70 00FE

# Note
1 When you fall off high places, hold R+B & you will land fine.

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