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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 92751A3D B81B
A04D58F2 E065
152F1B1F 160F
Invincible 23FA4A38 547D Shimer
Infinite Health 79A3361A 1D19 Shimer
Infinite Lives DC4577F2 5D51 Shimer
Infinite Ammo 753B1317 8B8F Shimer
Press "A" For Moon Jump 1BA63064 B256
D4EB91B7 C7E1
Press "R" For Slow Fall BAA630E4 B216
D0EF12E6 4746
Infinite Air Drive 80E91AB2 565F Shimer
Stop The Timer 27885911 BA3F Shimer
Press "L" + "Select" To Skip The Current Level 4D1DEB72 81A5
75695317 C30F

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