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Name Code(s)
Relics Codes 10
Always Have Modifier Codes [Special Note 1] 17
Have Items Codes 29
Have Equipment Codes 1
Body Codes 42
Special Goods Codes 4
Head Codes 29
Hands Codes 9
Legs Codes 12
Goods Codes 32
Spell Book Codes 1
Secret Info Codes 3

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 943C1122 ED31
7E55ABC4 4216
44D854F6 1B29
Start With 99 Mill F8816940 E101
376E140F B6E4
F8816940 E101
37EE4907 B1E1
Quick Level Up CA05B788 9334 Shimer
Super Jump D0000020 0001
3200046D 0000
Infinite Jumps (After Equipping Sylph Feather) 1 3200043A 0001 iamstillhiro111
Quick Save Option Modifier 2 3200030D 00?? iamstillhiro111
Can Move During Cutscenes 32000404 0000
3200001B 0000
Debug Mode (Reset After Starting Game) 880007A4 200D Eizneckam
Rare Ghost Always Appears In Clock Tower B (Hold L When Entering Room) 3 D0000020 0200
32000F22 0001
All Enemy Info In Encyclopedia 42018854 FFFF
00000018 0002

# Note
1 Do not turn on until you've selectd your file.
2 00 - Disable
17 - Enable
3 The rare ghost is a enemy that rarely pops up. With this code, though, it will appears everytime. It is located in the room directly below the Teleport room in Clocktower B. The code needs some adjustment because right now you can't kill the ghost.

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