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Name Code(s)
Have Records 9

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 9A0C45C7 F29B
9FCA4C12 51A3
E6DB9104 65D3
XAnimal & Shimer
Max Health CAA7435F 2C9B XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Health 8AA74F5B 3C9B XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Bones 5AC0D2E4 45F8 XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Lives 1AC0DEE0 55F8 XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Mini Bro Power 3114FE78 126C XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Rock CDs F114D2CF 002C XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Reggae CDs 7114D2EC 006C XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Classic CDs 7114D2EC 006C XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Mini-game Gems F116D2CF 280E XAnimal & Shimer
Have All Keys 66D99D34 77D1 XAnimal & Shimer
One-Hit Kill On Bosses CD8F4117 5A23 XAnimal & Shimer
All Mini Bros Unlocked E7F131C3 A9F4
67F131E0 A9B4
XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite & Max Health 739E9228 02E7 XAnimal & Shimer
Infinite Lives & Bones 5B48D2A0 69C0 XAnimal & Shimer
Press B+A For Moon Jump 6AF7BFF1 FE9A
XAnimal & Shimer
Press L+R To Access Debug Menu 1 74000130 00FF
83001AA8 8FD9
74000130 00FF
83001AAA 0800

# Note
1 It's possible to make an internal state modifier code (like those required for the WayForward games), however I chose not to as you can't easily back out of the menus. If you're interested, the address is 03001B20 and the debug menu ID is 0x2C. To back out, as usual, just press L+R again.

Here are the options, screenshots up at CaW later tonight.

Game Start
Main Game Test = xxx (Left and Right to modify)
Mini Bros Num = xxx (Left and Right to modify)
Menu Test
Entry Edit
Hit Edit
Multi Play Test
Mini Game = xxx (Left and Right to modify)
Single Boot = xxx (Left and Right to modify)
Multi Boot = xxx (Left and Right to modify)
Sound Menu
Data View

The Data View function actually works on this game - but it's actually a sprite/object viewer.

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