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Name Code(s)
Unlock Levels 36
Level Completed and Egg Found 17
Levels Completed Normal 17
Levels Completed Hard 17
In-Battle Codes 2
Character Codes 0
Slot 1 Codes 6
Slot 2 Codes 6
Slot 3 Codes 6
Max Level Codes 2
Quick Level Up Codes 9
Have Max Spell Codes 8

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000B517 41454745
48A40260 7C1019B5
3794DFB2 ACA89A49
A664E3A6 E10F04D7
Code Master
Infinite Health 0A42F331 23AEDDAC Code Master
Max Health 395EE081 B5B6CEF8 Code Master
Infinite Arrows 29FE1773 DE50AFAD Code Master
Infinite Herbs A39D2A9C B7CD1224 Code Master
Infinite Large Herbs 1C75F222 E92AC61A Code Master
Infinite Gems 62F90B7A 1DABAF5E Code Master
Infinite Large Gems 205FA614 85B5C876 Code Master
Unlock All Gallery ADB770BD 6FCB72C0
B2C962E4 CBA011EB
Code Master
Press L+Up For More Time 0FF814D5 91354840
C586BE64 16D617EC
Code Master

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