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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 000027B8 41424F45
0254BF97 B6517079
Code Master
Have All Signature Takedowns A300AB5B C4CCB3A6 Code Master
Have All Trophies B4CA90CD 8466A697
56957493 B69FB004
Code Master
Max Crash Dollars A88935DA C0CBA840 Code Master
Max Burnout Points E7BCE49C BF2B889B Code Master
Max Takedowns 179ED6C9 E62DC043 Code Master
Quick Crash Money Gain 118CF0DD 1FF38B56 Code Master
Max Crash Money 796CA273 DD50ECBD Code Master
Max Grand Prix Points 1198E2E8 1D2AE141 Code Master
Infinite Nitro 6367090A 7C1AF98C Code Master
Max Nitro E3BF5194 277F1DD4 Code Master
Quick Takedowns Gain 4D7B6255 B57ECAFF Code Master
Max Takedowns 0A92B0DC 8DF41397 Code Master
Quick Crashbreaker B38513D3 57CDFD91 Code Master
Quick Score Gain 08624C8B 75A0BAF1 Code Master
Max Score C4DBA9E3 95EE7B24 Code Master
Races Always 1 Lap B2A0702F 1AF001AB Code Master
Races Always 2 Laps 5CA16C43 0902FDE2 Code Master
Races Always 3 Laps 08599215 DC0CB755 Code Master
Races Always 4 Laps 4A8C59FD F543E879 Code Master
Races Always 5 Laps 61D7E582 133527AA Code Master
Races Always 6 Laps 07975910 44BBD825 Code Master
Races Always 7 Laps A88B9DA2 3DB702B8 Code Master
Races Always 8 Laps 41FD2E22 2F80A1F3 Code Master
Races Always 9 Laps CEB60832 757D93E7 Code Master
Races Always 10 Laps 5FB65671 A8ADB332 Code Master
Start On Lap 2 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
5C906859 ADAC29DE
99E0E083 8387795B
C59C954C F12B0F54
Code Master
Start On Lap 3 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
5368FF91 FB6BCF57
99E0E083 8387795B
757D1F2C BEACA254
Code Master
Start On Lap 4 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
53414BD3 1163D656
99E0E083 8387795B
90C2068D A7459720
Code Master
Start On Lap 5 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
4109FEF8 022997FC
99E0E083 8387795B
BF33DEB6 B133E394
Code Master
Start On Lap 6 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
E3890CDD 67D4D703
99E0E083 8387795B
0CCEC923 3BE57089
Code Master
Start On Lap 7 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
99E0E083 8387795B
8B697AF9 AD0EE170
Code Master
Start On Lap 8 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
274CCB7C 256B5112
99E0E083 8387795B
362CA002 268A2C68
Code Master
Start On Lap 9 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
989D9963 89EA36B7
99E0E083 8387795B
AE10EA27 F752AD8A
Code Master
Start On Lap 10 8130DC8D 5CEF10F8
32F9EAEA F965E236
99E0E083 8387795B
3FA443BB 975FF5F8
Code Master
Unlock Special-Ultimate Coupe 9E5F20C2 D2D77CC6 Code Master
Unlock Special-Euro Racer 54A1FD9A 47E5990F Code Master
Unlock Special-Classic Hot Rod 622AE5BC 736FA78D Code Master
Unlock Special-Gangster Boss 4944101F 53215B80 Code Master
Unlock Special-US Racer DB59394B E5DD5D72 Code Master
Unlock Special-World Racer A818C4A3 9CC0E1BF Code Master
Unlock Special-All Cars 48B22E78 B7FE4E7D
F694FCD9 835CAD59
Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Heavy Pick-Up 97F35D02 BCDBFE62 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-4WD Racer 7EE49511 3C92E0C0 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-SUV Deluxe BBAF7EB1 091FF66B Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-4WD Heavy Duty 4BB9038D F80316F8 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-B-Team Van E4C06837 8D4F613D Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Delivery Truck F796B56D 82B81424 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Tractor Cab 9D65EACF 29332DEC Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Longnose Cab 90F0F2C7 A198FC99 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-City Bus 48459105 463E749A Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Trash Truck 5069925E 212DC910 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-Firetruck 58E169FF C698A601 Code Master
Unlock Heavy Weight-All Cars A06381BB 0011959C
3210777C BF3A53B9
825144C5 EE077FB1
58E169FF C698A601
Code Master
Unlock Legend-Tuned ABAEED49 5E46C12D Code Master
Unlock Legend-Prototype 3340FBA0 2DF1831A Code Master
Unlock Legend-Modified D4902C99 E773F3A4 Code Master
Unlock Legend-Custom 0039635E 094671DD Code Master
Unlock Legend-Assassin 4A0FDE21 06C6DBA7 Code Master
Unlock Legend-DX E25F6707 2F2A67EA Code Master
Unlock Legend-Dominator 3A080B0E D0BF8826 Code Master
Unlock Legend-Compact Cop 3FA93927 4D0D6434 Code Master
Unlock Legend-Legend Compact 208F8FE7 6C727D3F Code Master
Unlock Legend-Legend Gangster 37F4507F FBA94E98 Code Master
Unlock Legend-Legend Special 7F9435C1 A77719CE Code Master
Unlock Legend-All Cars 2029597A E6674473
7C7084C2 CF8428A5
1A2E6874 965A11A3
7F9435C1 A77719CE
Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Tuned E30CE3D2 0A882386 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Prototype C933F5A7 CC9D80A0 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Modified D9C6A5BD 318D3D08 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Custom 3D5C0779 DBB7F389 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Assassin 3791427C 2FBB7DCE Code Master
Unlock Muscle-DX 10063F18 6C7D702E Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Dominator CA905ACE 0F9D1671 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Muscle Cop 99612D01 967F9C3F Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Legend Classic 6F44E2A8 C1B4B147 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Legend J-Muscle D4E2C184 FA114FD1 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-Legend Special C6594B30 71A05269 Code Master
Unlock Muscle-All Cars 139A742E B39DA8BA
84B37C60 CF213A94
4DFC9D2D 33F874CF
C6594B30 71A05269
Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Tuned EE4B3589 DED1E7CE Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Prototype D42BA128 F646C6C4 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Modified 08F9063E 67A3A676 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Custom 019F5B31 0AFE85D9 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Assassin C267D474 89D5A5D3 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-DX 03FE5C75 6089C22D Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Dominator 14A3E78C A430AFCA Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Coupe Cop A82E0C33 C38CD6E8 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Legend Pickup 18D4201C 4D8294E0 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Legend SUV B9BE1885 CA5924BF Code Master
Unlock Coupe-Legend Special 760632A5 358BB682 Code Master
Unlock Coupe-All Cars A9A6CBDF 7DF67AD8
1D6277BF 4E718538
0CF62835 56062F0F
760632A5 358BB682
Code Master
Unlock Sports-Tuned 7129ED1E 14A46B56 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Prototype 179816E1 A7EA7FA4 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Modified 8DBDF496 06117EC1 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Custom D74F4403 AB9C0572 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Assassin AC86F31D 91AF98BE Code Master
Unlock Sports-DX 5EDCA57C C9085F93 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Dominator 6A9DB6ED 917DA265 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Sports Cop F5642C76 1537C594 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Legend Racer 2C51551F 8E7603E1 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Legend Roadster 4150FC28 F757C894 Code Master
Unlock Sports-Legend Special 69CD169C E013729B Code Master
Unlock Sports-All Cars 063A984F C516B957
93D82826 B3F9B82A
CB20C65C A94B5EC0
69CD169C E013729B
Code Master
Unlock Super-Tuned 5390EAD3 E4294D53 Code Master
Unlock Super-Prototype 60EBE537 3276BB55 Code Master
Unlock Super-Modified 65C5E4AC 86610A1E Code Master
Unlock Super-Custom 394B1C62 0B9FDFB0 Code Master
Unlock Super-Assassin 2C6EFA28 86AC69F2 Code Master
Unlock Super-DX DB5ECB5C AB5A6F09 Code Master
Unlock Super-Dominator 0EAF9628 C922C76B Code Master
Unlock Super-Super Cop 55540D81 96F9930D Code Master
Unlock Super-Legend Super Car 3B659F7B 227F9891 Code Master
Unlock Super-Legend Hod Rod 799BB586 C4529068 Code Master
Unlock Super-Legend Special A4ACADFF 80475720 Code Master
Unlock Super-All Cars 145B36FA 802AE20D
5FCB268B 56CC4D58
A4ACADFF 80475720
Code Master
Legend-Gold-Interstate-Race 42134331 5F18DC65 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Harbour Town-Preview Lap 140A5290 120C639E Code Master
Legend-Gold-Silver Lake-Pursuit BBF13918 C6511582 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Palm Bay-Road Rage 7666B4F2 6AD3C795 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Palm Bay Marina-Crash 67E8331B B8A9F68B
29BD9745 9E4DB044
B746E601 D9687BD7
Code Master
Legend-Gold-Harbour Town-Race 52D68CD0 3EE609C9 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Airport-Eliminator C4A47EDF B4EB2CBE Code Master
Legend-Gold-Airport-Pursuit F5D85AB2 AB17C168 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Dockside-Preview Lap 6B5FA0B2 68923659 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Harbour Town-Crash 258CB5DC 87377817 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Palm Bay Marina-Face-Off 7EA06079 B012B2F0 Code Master
Legend-Gold-Compact Grand Prix 64CA34C1 209A68F4 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Race 210F9A95 03A17BF1 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Crash 468A03CD F714081D Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Downtown-Pursuit DE23CBA9 E1A23EAE Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Dockside-Road Rage EC7A5FCA 227D54BF Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Riviera-Preview Lap 37829C6F 59E318EC Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Riviera-Face-Off 9E460C1A 28F81513 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Palm Bay Marina-Eliminator D2AE3B90 91A59702 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Dockside-Pursuit 1AB18426 052AE505 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Airport-Road Rage 737BFF79 F5F45F28 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Dockside-Race 17CC45A6 D2A39AC3 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Face-Off 6C333B8D 538418C5 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Golden City-Preview Lap 94BFB6FE DB09ACF1 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Dockside-Crash C443F1A3 6CE16B50 Code Master
Muscle-Gold-Muscle Grand Prix F54C66AC 5C84D269 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Silver Lake-Race FC1234FE 05534392 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Downtown-Road Rage ABCAEBC3 9E8BE1BD Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Vineyard-Pursuit C030EB0A 663F0D89 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Silver Lake-Crash 33DF5643 4C95E25D Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Island Paradise-Preview Lap C4884E92 41BBF7FE Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Riviera-Race 00885A3F 8310BDE5 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Eliminator A4D26320 1CD0D18B Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Airport-Face-Off 7CA3F612 33C63054 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Riviera-Crash 9E1F9185 725CEA8D Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Palm Bay Marina-Pursuit 3583FD71 3F3D7A33 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Vineyards-Road Rage 1931DA29 EBEA232F Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Interstate-Preview Lap 47E23357 9D897951 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Vineyards-Face-Off CC7AB87F 6F079657 Code Master
Coupe-Gold-Coupe Grand Prix B01D8D96 4AA757AC Code Master
Sports-Gold-Island Paradise-Race 8833C70B 9DCA0C7B Code Master
Sports-Gold-Island Paradise-Crash 853B3CF3 143CF07F Code Master
Sports-Gold-Golden City-Pursuit 49A44D2D E5C48077 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Riviera-Road Rage 54977940 0A6C10FF Code Master
Sports-Gold-Vineyard-Preview Lap 9D575226 EABA8EA2 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Downtown-Face-Off 9BE0BF8E 79AB5F75 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Harbour Town-Road Rage A86879A1 05E2FED6 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Airport-Race 4F6BBAC3 B6793D58 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Airport-Crash B67711C5 BAF2F63F Code Master
Sports-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Preview Lap FC78888F 1925B6C4 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Downtown-Eliminator 632EE59A D3D43008 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Island Paradise-Pursuit 05BCF71A E1ABE369 Code Master
Sports-Gold-Silver Lake-Face-Off 2C0F73D0 D8D719AB Code Master
Sports-Gold-Sports Grand Prix 30C02203 6D5069AB Code Master
Super-Gold-Golden City-Road Rage 03A57714 BA28231F Code Master
Super-Gold-Silver Lake-Eliminator A1B70405 E0995239 Code Master
Super-Gold-Riviera-Pursuit EE147E28 FE110C94 Code Master
Super-Gold-Palm Marina-Preview Lap 1363B3C7 877F6D9B Code Master
Super-Gold-Harbour Town-Face-Off 4ED5D0CA 5315523D Code Master
Super-Gold-Dockside-Race 7843B1F7 2763AED8 Code Master
Super-Gold-Vineyard-Race 679A9900 2AA24266 Code Master
Super-Gold-Golden City-Crash ACB70A74 4B048252 Code Master
Super-Gold-Vineyard-Crash 3F217A0F 22F714CD Code Master
Super-Gold-Silver Lake-Road Rage 6777468F EED4B61B Code Master
Super-Gold-Big Surf Shores-Pursuit 6FAC2E80 C649B885 Code Master
Super-Gold-Dockside-Face-Off CD4102FD 59AA49C7 Code Master
Super-Gold-Super Grand Prix 51F9F868 19730596 Code Master
Super-Gold-Special Grand Prix 71D1F47C 12F3FDFD Code Master
Super-Gold-Legend Grand Prix 473BFC2C 08D6D64C Code Master

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