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Name Code(s)
Combo Codes 2
Rally Codes 2
Power Up Codes 0
Always Have Powerup Codes (Do Not Use With "Hold For Power Up" Codes!) 7
Hold R For Power Up Codes 6
Hold Left For Power Up Codes 6
Hold Right For Power Up Codes 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 00006AD9 415A5645
1BD5A662 0DEC5F17
Code Master
Infinite Lives D93E543C 540643D3 Code Master
Quick Score Gain 8BB14F32 BF19B9DF Code Master
Max Score BFDCFA56 ABC2DEE1 Code Master
Max Blocks D64CC0BD 2423C24C Code Master
Max Rally A40E253E 2424AE97 Code Master
Max Combo E11138C5 542BA44B Code Master
Press L+Up For Power Up 1 3A0E551B 8E1F647E
15E9577C 7AF01617
Code Master
Press L+Right For Power Up 2 2B37750E 43F50E5A
985ED5B5 8863F90D
Code Master
Press L+Down For Power Up 3 78663571 BF1BE542
3290CF9D 69D6D895
Code Master
Press L+Left For Power Up 4 B00C4287 2F4CA9C6
8905FF1E 1984A8B8
Code Master
Press R+Up For Power Up 5 25E5EB47 14E9008E
EA11452B 0600D098
Code Master
Press R+Right For Power Up 6 82B3841D 6A15B42B
367D32D2 7160FBF3
Code Master
Always Have Slow 00C3AB79 8B9506BC Code Master
Always Have Fast DD9CF2EE 905A9372 Code Master
Always Have Wide 2A7D5E15 DBED5583 Code Master
Always Have Option E96A484D 5D344463 Code Master
Always Have Laser D53B68CF 03B1045D Code Master
Always Have Bomb BBF06DCF 27A7E9D0 Code Master
Always Have Multi 6C69EF66 D7AA97B6 Code Master
Always Have 5-Way 9D09914B 9E9C8659 Code Master
Always Have Catch D6CC6059 ECAE6570 Code Master
Always Have Mirror 2ADC568E 2F970486 Code Master
Always Have Safe F3DF9509 410518D3 Code Master
Always Have Small A1105029 B2B349DD Code Master
Always Have All Power Ups FFE8E933 BEEC7909 Code Master
Start On Stage 100 A4443484 F1D0FC04
F16E5C94 F509EB17
Code Master
Start On Stage 50 A4443484 F1D0FC04
D28C164F 57B115E2
Code Master
Start On Stage 25 A4443484 F1D0FC04
CCCE39C8 29717186
Code Master
Start On Stage 10 A4443484 F1D0FC04
6EC2720B D7C97DD6
Code Master
Start On Stage 5 A4443484 F1D0FC04
8F8AC73B CFF1891C
Code Master
Start On Stage 2 A4443484 F1D0FC04
2DF188EB 8FB01FF1
Code Master

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