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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000017B 41464745
C4E85763 37E00CB1
Code Master
Unlock All Hats/Costumes 353EC189 886D140F Code Master
Unlock All Mini-Games 105214E6 3FD3CE96 Code Master
Unlock Everything E6C4E8B2 8E63E9DA Code Master
Story Mode-Max Coins E8A41E57 DADADDA1 Code Master
Story Mode-Quick Score Gain E624B6F5 D9FA968C Code Master
Story Mode-Max Score 89F9A0B2 C24E126B Code Master
Story Mode-Infinite Health 58015FF4 89C6A759 Code Master
Story Mode-Max Health 33E15D0B E542F3C4 Code Master
Story Mode-Max Infinite Health 65AAB120 823226DB Code Master
Mini-Game-Press L+R To Finish Stage 0BA384D3 E209FDF6
8DA81601 7E407114
Code Master
Mini-Game-Infinite Time 024B2FD9 94BA320B
2E09063C 7511D396
Code Master
Mini-Game-Max High Score 7E0E8D27 30D7A977 Code Master
Mini-Game-Max Score 12751573 EBB8B983 Code Master
Mini-Game-Infinite Lives 945D9E99 BEE9DDF6 Code Master

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