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Name Code(s)
Form Modifier Codes 7
Megaman Modifier Codes 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000DBFF 41525A45
F9419FD7 DFB94DA5
7613DC48 0673D233
Code Master, Duke
Press B For Moon Jump 87CEB4FA AF04960B
F8597E31 224883BC
Code Master, Duke
Invincible BE242A34 8656C76B Code Master, Duke
Infinite Health C0C692C6 4E178B64 Code Master, Duke
Infinite Lives 938523C0 F56AEB1D Code Master, Duke
Max E-Crystals 3425BAD1 D6AC6161 Code Master, Duke
Always Low Play Time 47943992 F0040C51 Code Master, Duke

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