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Name Code(s)
Unlock Character Codes 38
This Game Requires A Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 Or Higher! 20
Unlock Versus Location Codes 8
Extra Codes 43
Unlock Movies Codes 10
Unlock Comics Codes 0
The Fantastic Four Codes 9
Tomorrow People Codes 10

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000544E 414D5645
2FFBDD66 DF82760B
Code Master
Infinite Time 5CA962D2 37474A24 Code Master
Infinite Health P1 632CB305 567F5C78 Code Master
75% Health P1 8738E0A7 BEE0600B
Code Master
50% Health P1 8738E0A7 BEE0600B
AC7D09A0 222AD4A5
Code Master
25% Health P1 8738E0A7 BEE0600B
9A6FA784 D2FBF077
Code Master
1-Hit Death P1 8738E0A7 BEE0600B
F3976A3D 09ABD9E1
Code Master
No Health P1 616A4920 3CDB8615 Code Master
Infinite Adrenaline P1 C7699E53 586CEDBE Code Master
No Adrenaline P1 0C917B20 335778E3 Code Master
Infinite Health P2 36F776B1 A9572110 Code Master
75% Health P2 908BDE77 6BCBE3E7
A0F83FF3 3C3323C4
Code Master
50% Health P2 908BDE77 6BCBE3E7
60418BB3 94D4560F
Code Master
25% Health P2 908BDE77 6BCBE3E7
6313C9E7 60A67066
Code Master
1-Hit Death P2 908BDE77 6BCBE3E7
517078DC 4F14CD5D
Code Master
No Health P2 4C44782C E9D90A93 Code Master
Infinite Adrenaline P2 F9FBA2EA BEF4B9F7 Code Master
No Adrenaline P2 F395FBF9 13E93F1F Code Master
Max Comic Shop Points 71D0FA4D AD61E4A4
96420FB0 2FD6BA51
Code Master
Unlock All Concept Art 2766733E 8ADAF5CA
2E7183C5 F91FAD18
Code Master
Unlock All Costumes 9D15529F BBDB8846 Code Master
Unlock All Arenas DD5FA8DE 3C53BD6B Code Master

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