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Name Code(s)
Max Accessory Codes 32
Max Item Codes 62
Max Armor Codes 31
Miscellaneous Codes 20
Max Weapon Codes 74

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 00000399 41435645
A8E8D064 6BB0F203
Code Master
Level 99 E9FD6AA4 2220BEB5 Code Master
Infinite HP A896B20F DF37D406 Code Master
Max HP 59766711 1A81103B Code Master
Infinite MP FD295947 DEB205CF Code Master
Max MP 81DC2E24 E7CE960C Code Master
Max Str 05B7C173 74D7FD50 Code Master
Max Con 10FC4FF3 00FB4D59 Code Master
Max Int C2782842 A195B530 Code Master
Max Lck 6FA171CA 539E4E94 Code Master
Quick Exp Gain F526C7F5 EA029686 Code Master
Max Exp 5CE2B894 F2F4889D Code Master
Infinite Gold 2F5EA87D 6727CC7B Code Master
Max Gold 97139AC8 AD6B3051 Code Master

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