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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 000066E4 41473245
1EE018C5 E45F5531
Code Master
Infinite Time 25E38F24 1BACAE39 Code Master
Infinite Life P1 7AB93129 C07747E3 Code Master
75% Life P1 095741DD 03CB5C63
3FA6097D FC1C1716
Code Master
50% Life P1 095741DD 03CB5C63
A3A8C817 9D1A9EC4
Code Master
25% Life P1 095741DD 03CB5C63
76C4E9C0 3C5FD991
Code Master
1-Hit Death P1 095741DD 03CB5C63
4F23823B 44BDB4BD
Code Master
No Life P1 865567F3 41678DDF Code Master
Infinite Tension P1 F6B9B0FE C36B6B3A Code Master
No Tension P1 ED96960D C6D1716E Code Master
Infinite Life P2 62290842 9CEEDE65 Code Master
75% Life P2 D80D4200 BB926C69
59FDC518 B395BAA6
Code Master
50% Life P2 D80D4200 BB926C69
A3D40F9F D8B8D4C0
Code Master
25% Life P2 D80D4200 BB926C69
542FD407 984D7236
Code Master
1-Hit Death P2 D80D4200 BB926C69
9742E58B 68F4A687
Code Master
No Life P2 45597DB8 F648FEB9 Code Master
Infinite Tension P2 85A22DED 92CCD341 Code Master
No Tension P2 F59DA65B 81C43FB3 Code Master

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