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Name Code(s)
Unlock Bonus Codes 25

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 00002152 41535A45
14B80D51 6223F95C
Code Master
Infinite Energy 9F00DE80 41B9DEE3
ED10C6E8 E1799752
Code Master
Infinite Honeysuckles FD4321A4 FE4E7BFB
4A48B204 4A5FE01B
Code Master
Have All Levels Completed D528F777 12463071
2AA59FAA 60D79E60
80ABDB3A 9C4446CB
Code Master
Unlock All Road Paths D528F777 12463071
44DDA552 A3A13E62
3A5F5630 72960944
Code Master

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