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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000A860 41325345
79C9ADEC 0BB51C81
Code Master
Infinite Time 7DB0B380 AE8B03ED
3E650466 0565CCD2
Code Master
Max Ki Gauge P1 9B780FF7 CEA57AAA
A78287B9 1AF24254
Code Master
No Ki Gauge P1 9B780FF7 CEA57AAA
D37C2E90 67C9A874
Code Master
Max Ki Gauge P2 66D5D824 2695E7BC
Code Master
No Ki Gauge P2 66D5D824 2695E7BC
06129B05 70E5B1FD
Code Master
P1 Char 1-Infinite Health 8D1BCF8C 7C748E19
8868FFAF 940C7BE2
752DDF51 1EAA9F90
Code Master
P1 Char 1-1-Hit Death 8D1BCF8C 7C748E19
F50AAE4E D3472E87
92E137C1 962C98F7
Code Master
P1 Char 1-No Health 9B780FF7 CEA57AAA
76240957 5C211685
Code Master
P1 Char 2-Infinite Health 17BB98D4 48451087
9FF1D1AD 89076B0C
86736002 0477D862
Code Master
P1 Char 2-1-Hit Death 17BB98D4 48451087
F6C24A85 D29DC497
7888F919 C993A991
Code Master
P1 Char 2-No Health 071BACC3 19D21749
46C20A64 9B27CE27
Code Master
P1 Char 3-Infinite Health 81C83BB6 A828F31B
6E47BBDD 770A8913
40C2219C 8A5E86CB
Code Master
P1 Char 3-1-Hit Death 81C83BB6 A828F31B
1452994E C1E26111
Code Master
P1 Char 3-No Health 99C951A3 A3430509
Code Master
P2 Char 1-Infinite Health 5120CEA9 2C5475E0
134421AE 81106D6A
Code Master
P2 Char 1-1-Hit Death 5120CEA9 2C5475E0
B475788D 3BA90240
365DFD9D D86554B2
Code Master
P2 Char 1-No Health 66D5D824 2695E7BC
85F433D2 3477C2A6
Code Master
P2 Char 2-Infinite Health B0BC4763 F4416339
7916E186 7CFAEC1D
7695712F 1897232E
Code Master
P2 Char 2-1-Hit Death B0BC4763 F4416339
B0512507 0B2BCB77
34877AFD 0A5C7B9D
Code Master
P2 Char 2-No Health 99106F5E 73CE0591
641491EB 08F47FFC
Code Master
P2 Char 3-Infinite Health DE685ECB FF3389E4
61A29850 36DA53AD
Code Master
P2 Char 3-1-Hit Death DE685ECB FF3389E4
75E2D5E7 97CA4068
ED9175E7 1495DF69
Code Master
P2 Char 3-No Health E823A7D0 70C43003
9250F7FE 6F87268C
Code Master

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