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Name Code(s)
Start Level As Codes (Do Not Use With 'Always Big Mario') 3
Always Have Item Codes 17
Size Modifier Codes 12
Start Level As... 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000AE78 41324445
F063C6F7 34750306
BACC1F63 458B026C
Code Master
Infinite Lives FA733BC0 2B63E1F4 Code Master
Max Coins 997A2009 22AD4A4F Code Master
Quick Score Gain E2C79BAC 524E4559 Code Master
Max Score E8BA3D79 FA2E13E1 Code Master
Always Play As Luigi AED48B5C 386AF3D1 Code Master
Always Have Star CF7757D8 68F3A443 Code Master
Unlock All Worlds D9AC9FE3 2E0897D4
0C1918DD 6F1FF6E6
Code Master
Have All Levels Completed FBFA30CC 874CC978
0C1918DD 6F1FF6E6
Code Master
Unlock All Levels 21CA4A5C 37CE6DF3
0C1918DD 6F1FF6E6
Code Master
Infinite Time F02BDD30 46B254CA Code Master
Star Never Runs Out 2F95A29C 2A9A1CBE Code Master
Press A For Moon Jump 14B2B252 6F1FAA2A
37186C70 0E9D814B
Code Master
Press L+Up For Super Mario Item BB44BE92 D7F91B43
B76EFF31 D76D0349
Code Master
Press L+Right For Fire Mario Item 40353F12 A0D83207
BB8B380A 75D64137
Code Master
Press L+Down For Shell Mario Item CA31AB81 E8AA5601
DBC02B53 05F362B4
Code Master
Press L+Left For Mini Mario Item 5B1A5FF4 3CE45021
6074B470 1EDC140D
Code Master
Press L+R For Mega Mario Item C3B1B29D 2D552636
Code Master
Always Have Super Mario Item B76EFF31 D76D0349 Code Master
Always Have Fire Mario Item BB8B380A 75D64137 Code Master
Always Have Shell Mario Item DBC02B53 05F362B4 Code Master
Always Have Mini Mario Item 6074B470 1EDC140D Code Master
Always Have Mega Mario Item A0AEAEB8 1825E2AE Code Master
Press R+Up For Tiny Mario D26BC243 E3B6567F
F1573D51 FFF73B6A
2FB78877 A16C83CF
F15A5835 1796A062
Code Master
Press R+Right For Normal Mario 5CD128F9 B5F585A8
96D43711 C864C0FA
175FE9E5 F06313AE
FA05F5DB 11E97B81
Code Master
Press R+Left For Mega Mario 46844BFB 9FD427B9
19085345 E73EA3CF
0B293D29 1B0188E6
CA00E4B0 F814E1D2
Code Master

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