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Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 000008B4 41474C45
EC928FF6 8E08F60B
Code Master
Infinite Hearts 17321247 95176F35 Code Master
Max Score 9D443B5B 1EB8BB73 Code Master
Max Hits BA650390 91E23C8C
1BB2E2E8 307C5FE6
Code Master
Max Hit Score BA650390 91E23C8C
58157FE2 0AF0862B
Code Master
Max Accuracy Score BA650390 91E23C8C
FC5DEDD1 7208487F
Code Master
Max Quickshot Score BA650390 91E23C8C
3113AD80 79DA71F2
Code Master

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