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Name Code(s)
Activate Cheat Codes 18

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 0000FCF0 414C3745
88E08CE3 2FE5FC94
5272DE45 425368FA
1C9D0D28 1CA82A9A
Code Master
Infinite Lego Studs 7C07180C 250ED181 Code Master
Max Lego Studs F2E47920 1962634E Code Master
Quick Stud Gain (In Level) DAF14104 D090CF00 Code Master
Unlock Episode V/VI Doors 35D2D682 88CB15D3 Code Master
Unlock All Characters 3690489E 5629BEAB
3760ED68 5D80575F
38EAE41E F7440853
Code Master
Unlock All Extras/Hints F3DD1621 D468857D Code Master
Unlock All Story Mode Levels 2E87583B 1BEB950C Code Master
Have All Store Mode Levels Completed 3A2B83AB 37785968 Code Master

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