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Name Code(s)
This Game Requires A Code Breaker PS2 V7.0 Or Higher! 4
Unlock Minigames Codes 10
Unlock Movies Codes 72
Unlock Concept Art Codes 34
Unlock Music Codes 10
Unlock Original Comics Codes 15
Unlock Mini-Games 10
Unlock Minigames 10

Name Code Hacker(s)
Enable Code (Must Be On) 00000682 41483545
9CC50FB8 5065AA18
77902A84 D41DB4C9
Infinite Cookies 18B4EE49 3E4C424B RS
Max Cookies 3C6894F7 0542C04D RS
Max Catnips 5B190AA5 63A4969B RS
Max Stinky Cheeses F9AC0C38 15302C5A RS
Max Air Horns 995DF49C A58A97BE RS
Max Banana Peels A836C80B 64D274C8 RS
Max Dog Whistles C94BE3A7 FB71CE51 RS
Max Phone Cards CCCA2635 22EFA4AD RS
Max Sodas F26410D2 41D210CD RS
Unlock All Levels 585CF93B AC81A8F4
3A2B1EC7 C37E0711
Have Game Completed D7B9B914 1571E200
62C883F5 F33747CC
F5F93FC3 D91E3030
9E8F84DF 72550161

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